These days, communicating your research and engaging with members of the public and key stakeholders is firmly on the agenda. From the earliest stages of your research planning right throughout your project, being engaged and communicating is a vital pathway to impact.

Top Tips

1. Don't be afraid!
2. Start small.
3. Start!

There is something special about communicating research to a general audience and engaging with the public. It's a two-way street. It allows you to understand your own work in more relevant terms.  The process of communication and public engagement can help you to refine your thinking.

It also helps you to maximise the impact of your research. Through communication engaging with the public, most often the beneficiaries of the work you do, you can learn and then shape your research to increase its impact.  Whether its younger people, older people, patients, policymakers, an industry sector - there are always key stakeholders who you need to focus on.

We have a central Marketing and Communications website on campus and their own website has lots of great information on Press, Web, Photography etc.

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Coming soon! We are working on a new guide to Research Impact, so please check back at a later date.