Ms Sarah Carter



Sarah is an intellectually curious ethicist with a driving passion to explore dynamics between society and science, technology, and innovation. Her present research interests focus on conceptualizing and preserving autonomy in the "Big Data" age. She is currently a PhD candidate investigating how to design privacy notices to be more value-sensitive and autonomy-preserving under the supervision of Mathieu D'Aquin, Heike Felzmann, Kathryn Cormican, and Dave Lewis. 

Research Interests

Sarah’s previous research interests have spanned organic chemistry, biomedical science (organoid technology), and bioethics (ethical oversight for organoid technology). Her current research interests are in information ethics and technology ethics, where she is interested in conceptualizing and upholding autonomous decision-making through improved privacy notice designs. 

Honours and Awards

  Year Title Awarding Body
2019 Research Scholarship in SFI Center for Research Training in Digitally Enhanced Reality (DREAL) Science Foundation Ireland (SFI)
2017 Utrecht Excellence Scholarship Utrecht University
2017 Sarah Williston Scholar Mount Holyoke College


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2017 Mount Holyoke College BA Biochemistry, Music
2019 Utrecht University MSc Biomedical Science



Community Engagement

  Title Type From / To
Board Membership Postgraduate Research Society 01-OCT-19 /

Other Activities


Student Representative for DSI (2020- )