The College has the following research mission and vision statements:


To formulate College strategy on research direction, to encourage relevant research activity within its three Schools and each of their disciplines, to support all collaborative and individual research within defined priority areas of College research, and respond to national and international healthcare needs and funding initiatives.


Research of high quality that brings tangible benefits to patients, populations and to health and healthcare in our region and beyond, by capitalising on our position at the interface of academic endeavour and the health sector, and through the effective mobilisation of collaborative and individual research activity across our three Schools and their disciplines. 


The College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Science STRATEGIC PLAN 2015_2020 outlines the current situation and context of the College research strategy. It proposes a set of realistic actions which will facilitate the success of the overarching goal, that the College undertakes research that brings tangible benefits to patients, populations, to health and healthcare in our region and beyond. 


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