Study Abroad at NUI Galway

Our popular Study Abroad Programme offers students the opportunity to study at NUI Galway and earn credits towards their degree at their home institution. Visiting students can tailor their selection of classes from across our wide range of disciplines to their individual academic requirements.


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 As a Visiting Student, you can create your own individual study programme from the wide range of classes (modules) available from our regular degree courses, to meet your own major or minor requirements, subject to meeting the normal prerequisites. 

Visiting Students can study at NUI Galway for a semester or a full academic year. Find out more about term dates (note: Visiting Students refer to dates for "Students other than First Year and Clinical Medical Students."

Visiting Student do not receive a degree from NUI Galway, however the credits you earn here can normally be transferred back to your home institution. Semester One runs from September to December while Semester Two runs from January until May.

You can expect to take 5 - 7 classes (modules) per semester. This equates to approximately 30 ECTS credits, which is a normal course load for NUI Galway students per semester. Classes are generally delivered through lectures, which are normally held in large or medium sized lecture halls and which provide the foundations on which students are expected to explore further through independent reading.

Lectures are also usually supplemented by smaller tutorials or seminar classes, which provide an opportunity for discussion in a smaller group setting. Visiting students are also examined alongside our full time degree-seeking students. Most classes are examined by end of semester examination, however most also include mid-term assignments and/or continuous assessment.

Upon completion of your studies, you will be sent a transcript showing the classes you have taken at NUI Galway as well the credits earned and marks (%) received. We have many years’ experience in the matter of credit transfer and course equivalence and can, on request, provide a suggested system to translate from ECTS credits to the credit system used in your home country.

Orientation Programme

In the week before term begins visiting students are given one full day of orientation dedicated to support services (curriculum management, library, computer services, sports clubs and student societies, student health, counselling services, banking, student safety, volunteering, GNIB Registration (for Non-EU/EEA students)). There follows consecutively a half day of academic orientation (exams, timetables and other important academic information). Fáilte (Welcome) Mornings are held each morning for one hour during the first week of term. These are informal gatherings attended by newly arrived international students and staff of the International Affairs Office, for the purpose of follow up questions and socialising. Free tea/coffee and biscuits are provided! Library training and a tour of the library facilities is also provided in the first weeks of term. At all times during orientation and throughout the year, our International Student Officer is available 24/7, in addition to other International Office staff,  to meet with and assist students.

See here for details (dates and venue) of the next upcoming Orientation Programme.

Summer School in Galway

The International Summer School offers a range of courses in Irish Studies, Education in Ireland, Irish Language, Geology, Ecology, Archaeology and Play Therapy. Our courses aim to provide a rich and diverse perspective of the subject area and are taught by lecturers and education professionals who have a vast range of knowledge of their subject matter.  

Educational field trips are an integral part of the courses and provide you with an opportunity to gain hands-on knowledge of your specialism to its fullest extent. During your stay, you will also have time to explore Galway City, which is a vibrant, youthful University City with an enchanting array of summer festivals which attract visitors from all over the world.  If you would like to learn more about our International Summer School programme please check this website.



The University publishes the Visiting Student Academic Handbook before the beginning of each Semester, which lists the specific classes (modules) available to Visiting Students for the coming semester.

Students can refer to the most recent Visiting Student Academic Handbook for the relevant semester when submitting their initial application, however please note that the exact classes made available to Visiting Students can vary year to year.

Visiting Students Academic Handbook semester 1 2018-19

 Visiting Students Academic Handbook semester 2, 2017-18  

A wide range of classes is available in the following subject areas:

Accounting Classics History Marketing Physiology
Anatomy Earth/Ocean Science Information Technology Mathematics Political Studies
Archaeology Economics Irish Language Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Psychology
Biochemistry Engineering Irish Studies Microbiology Sociology
Botany English Italian Performing Arts Spanish
Celtic Civilization French Law Pharmacology Systems Analysis
Chemistry Geography Mathematics Philosophy Womens Studies
Computer Science German Management Physics  Zoology

 Special Classes for Visiting Students

In addition to the regular classes of the University, Visiting Students can also apply for admission to three bespoke classes:

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a service learning class for Visiting Students from the United States. This semester  long class is worth 5 ECTS credits (approximately 2-3 US credits) and is delivered via a series of academic lectures reflective seminars and over 14 hours of service at local elementary schools. 

For international students interested in applying for EN 150 please complete the following form:

Exploring the Indigenous Arts

Indigenous Arts Exploration is a credit bearing practice-based class, which explores the evolution and performance of indigenous Irish music, song, film and dance.

Exploring Irish Theatre

Exploring Irish Theatre is a credit bearing practice-based class with two elements: a critical examination of Irish theatre history including archive activities; and theatre practice including workshop in acting, playwriting and direction. 


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There are two aspects to entry requirements for Visiting Students: (1) general entry requirements and (2) pre-requisites for admission to classes.

General Entry Requirements for Admission as a Visiting Student

Visiting Student applicants are normally required to have completed two full years at university or college before being admitted and to have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or equivalent).

Pre-requisites for Admission to Classes


When applying as a Visiting Student, applicants should indicate the classes they wish to enrol on at NUI Galway.  Students wishing to enrol on Science and Engineering courses will have their applications assessed by the relevant disciplines to ensure they have a suitable academic background and meet the pre-requisites required.

 All other Visiting Students, including those selecting classes in the Arts, Humanities, Business and Social Sciences etc., are given a two week period at the beginning of each semester to sample the different classes on offer before making their final selections. In addition, Visiting Students are given a further ‘drop/add’ week. Once the deadline for dropping or adding courses has passed, no further course changes are possible.

Visiting students can generally expect to gain admission to the classes listed in the handbook subject to any prerequisites as well as individual examination or timetable limitations. Certain classes, such as seminars may also be restricted to small numbers.

The International Students Orientation Day, which is held at the beginning of each semester, provides comprehensive information on:

  • classes on offer
  • prerequisites timetables
  • venues
  • examination arrangements

Study Abroad

Study Abroad (Visiting and Exchange Student) Applications

If you are currently enrolled at an overseas college or university and you wish to spend a semester or year at NUI Galway as a Visiting or Exchange Student, you can apply through your home college’s Study Abroad office or through an approved study abroad programme provider. In the case of Exchange Students there must be an existing exchange agreement with NUI Galway and your home institution. Your Study Abroad Office can advise on this. 

Visiting students  should apply using the Visiting Students Online Application Form

Exchange students should apply using the Exchange Student Online Application Form.

 The following documents must also be submitted:

  • Up-to-date college transcript
  • Copy of passport or birth certificate
  • A passport size photograph
  • Applicable to applicants with a GPA of less than 3.0 only:  an academic reference from a current lecturer to whom you are known stating your suitability and aptitude for study abroad
Closing Dates for Study Abroad Applications

The closing dates for receipt of applications from Visiting Students are:

  • 30 April in the case of applications for admission for a full academic year or First Semester and
  • 31 October in the case of applications for Second Semester.

Late applications may be considered, but only in special circumstances.

Each application is dealt with on its own merit and decisions on applications are normally made no later than May preceding the proposed date of entry or, in the case of Second Semester applications, no later than November preceding the proposed date of entry.

Non-EU Tuition Fees for Visiting Students, 2018-19

The following are the tuition fees applied for non-EU Visiting Students studying at NUI Galway for a semester or a year.

Per Semester  
Arts/Business/Law €6,000
Science/Engineering €7,750
Per Year  
Arts/Business/Law €12,000
Science/Engineering €15,500
Note: An appropriate fee is calculated for visiting students taking both Arts/Business/Law and Science/Engineering classes.


Scholarships 2018/19 

For more information see Go OverseasApplication deadline 23rd 2018. 


HBCU Scholarship 2018/19

In an initiative to encourage greater diversity and minority participation amongst US study abroad students, NUI Galway provides one tuition scholarship (worth €6,000) for a semester to a student from a HBCU (Historically Black Colleges & Universities) member institution. This year the scholarship will be offered via the GoOverseas promotion as listed below. For more information on how to apply see here  under Additional Scholarships. Preference will be given to students from underrepresented racial/ethnic minorities.



Cost of Living

Average Monthly Cost of Living
The following table gives an indication of the monthly cost of living in Galway as a student. These costs are an approximation only as monthly costs will depend on each person’s individual needs.
Accommodation €400
Food €260
Books & Study Materials €60
Clothes, laundry €60
Utilities (e.g. electricity, refuse etc.) €80
Recreation €180
Other €160
Total (per month) €1,200