Rather than the Chaplaincy team saying what they think they do, some students give their views:

The Chaplain always makes time to listen to me, even when I don't really know what I'm talking about myself but when I need to talk anyway.
         Aoife, Third Arts

I think there has to be somebody in college who is on the staff but who is on our side - a sort of access point. Somebody who will speak for me and defend me when I am in trouble. I know when I am in the wrong and he does too but he will speak up on my side, like my father or mother would but I wouldn't always tell them.
         Evan, Second Electronic Engineering

It's reassuring to know that there are staff in the college who say prayers for us and aren't just marking us or grading us .
      Joanne, Second Arts

I like the staff in the Chaplaincy department. I think they give a great service. They are approachable, good natured, good humoured, kind and generous with their time. They seem to actually enjoy their job which makes it so much easier to relate to them. I have gone for help over the years - once when I broke up with my boyfriend and my friends all said I was right to and I needed somebody else to tell me the truth - even though I think I was actually right !
         Marie, Medicine

Somebody has to stand for something that doesn't change. The Chaplain stands for God. That doesn't change...that's reassuring.
         Myles, Third Commerce

I ended up in casualty one weekend. I couldn't tell my family. I rang the Chaplain and he came over to me and sorted stuff out. He was the only one that I could think of that would be around and that wouldn't over react.  He didn't.
         John, Commerce

They listen. They sort out stuff. They fix things. They always seem calm. They do lovely things in the Church - especially Sunday Mass which isn't like at home at all and is lovely. It makes the college easier because it is like having my parish at home here. Home doesn't seem as far away.
         Sara, Third Arts

Where else can you go in NUIG when you are stuck?
         Gerard, Second LLB .