Blessed Sacrament Chapel

Blessed Sacrament Chapel
The Blessed Sacrament is reposed here. This little Chapel is a place of quiet contemplation. The flickering red lamp is a reminder of the real presence of Jesus in this sacred space.

Chapel Common Room and Kitchen

The Common Room is a place to rest, relax and chill out. Students are welcome to use the adjoining kitchen to make tea/coffee or to prepare or reheat food. All we ask is that you wash up after yourself!  The Common Room also hosts various weekly group meetings including:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (English & Polish)
  • Al Anon
  • Coptic Youth
  • Meditation
  • Pentecostal Group
  • St Vincent de Paul - University Group
  • Youth 2000 Ireland
  • Women's Bible Group

Chapel Library

Chapel Library

A large collection of Spiritual, Theological and General Interest Books which can be borrowed on an 'honour system' (ie bring them back when you are finished!)

Periodicals are also available such as The Tablet, The Furrow and Intercom.

It is also an ideal place to study. The College Wi-Fi System covers the entire College Chapel facility. (Please don't leave your laptop unsupervised).

An Gairdín Sosa

BBQ in the Chapel Courtyard

The garden is a place for conversation, contemplation, study, laughter, lunch, friendship, relaxation, solitude, escape, and peace.

An Gairdín Sosa, located next to the Chapel of St. Columbanus, is open from 8.30am until 9pm each day during term. The garden was built with financial support from the Student Projects Fund and was completed in 2009 and officially dedicated by Cardinal Seán Brady.

Our annual end of term BBQ takes place permitting!